Forest Fire Fuel Reduction

Forest fire fuel reduction has been proven to lessen the hazards of wildfires.  The objective is to reduce the amount of vegetation that is fuel for fires so that when a wildfire burns, it is less severe and more controllable.  Fire burns hotter, faster, and with higher flames when the fuels accumulate.  Fires in areas with a lot of brush can burn what is called, “ladder fuels”, that quickly move from the ground into the treetops, creating a crown fire.

It is in your best interest to remove hazardous fuels.  Upcountry Land Works uses mechanical brushing where it’s suitable and will clean by hand using chainsaws and heavy duty mowers when larger equipment cannot access areas.  We can mulch the brush and trees to be re-purposed or burned in the winter months. 

Below is a quick video of one of our mechanical brushers at work.