Tree Chipping/Mulching

Wood Chipping/Mulching Service
As part of our wood chipping service, we often re-use the wood chips in an eco-friendly manner by composting it or re-purposing as mulch.  Alternatively, we are happy to leave some or all of the wood chips on your property for similar uses. Our wood chipper can efficiently transform even the largest piles of trees and brush into suitable mulch.  We can generally manage to chip a moderate pile in a matter of hours. 

Mulching is an economical and sustainable method for creating gardens, green spaces, preventing erosion, and creating landscapes with wood chip ground cover.  It is an essential part of regulating the amount of moisture in your soil.  Mulch can help the growth of your garden or other areas of plant life by decreasing the amount of weeds.  It encourages the nutrients in the soil to become more productive.  It can also help aerate very compact soil.

At Upcountry Land Works, we sell mulch at affordable prices.  It comes from local untreated timbers.  A good mulch can accomplish a lot for your garden, but it must be free of chemicals and other additives.  Unfortunately, most mulches purchased from home garden centers have toxic chemicals added, and weeds thrive in it.  Call today for a free estimate or to place your order.