Tree Removal

Tree Service Pricing
Tree services in general, when provided by a professional and insured company, are not cheap.  The reasons for this are due to insurance and equipment costs. 

Liability insurance is necessary to cover any damages caused by the tree service company, such as damages to homes, vehicles, etc.  While it is rare that a professional tree service company damages your property, it is always wise to ensure the tree service business you employ has coverage. 

Tree removal pricing is driven by a few variables: tree size, tree location, tree species, and tree disposal and clean-up.  The size of the tree is typically the major aspect of pricing as larger trees cost more to remove.  Extra labor and often times more equipment costs are associated with the tree removal.  Larger trees also pose a higher risk of damaging property.  The trees location is an important variable as trees close to buildings, power lines, etc. will cost more to remove due to the necessary precautions involved in the removal process.  Certain species are a bit more challenging to remove than others.  Some trees with multiple trunks tend to lean, some species are more susceptible for internal rot or twisting, which increases the risk of damaging property.  There are many costs associated with disposing a tree.  More labor and often times more equipment costs are associated with the disposal such as, wood chipping, stump grinding, or hauling away.

About Removing a Tree
There are various instances where it may be vital to remove a tree on your property; the tree is damaged by a natural occurrence, suffering from disease, overrun by pests, in the way of landscaping/building plans, or the root system may post danger to underground pipes or foundations. Cutting down a tree is rarely as simple as it looks or sounds.  Call now for a free estimate.

We will begin with an on-site evaluation of the tree(s) to be removed.  We will determine if equipment is needed and if so, if it can gain access without risk.  An estimate of the cost to remove the tree(s) will be provided along with options for disposal.  Depending on the location of the tree(s), we may be able to grind the stumps, chip the trees into mulch, or haul away.  If you choose for us to chip the tree(s), we can either leave the mulch on your property for your use or we can haul it away to be used in an eco-friendly manner by composting it or re-purposing as mulch.